Why I oppose term limits for Standish


"Term limits were instituted in Standish in 2014 as a personal vendetta against an incumbent councilor, nothing is ever good for Standish when it is personal and the town is not best served"

Greg T. Sirpis


I am opposed to term limits because we are in need of help on various boards and committed in  town, in the June election there were 12 seats available for boards and committees, only my at large seat  was opposed, the other 11 seats were either unopposed or vacant. We simply can't have vacant seats when we need our residents to get involved. We have lost and will continue to lose good talent because of term limits. We have  incumbents who are willing to serve the town, it makes no sense to send good people with years of experience down the road. I sponsored this order because we don't have people knocking down the doors to serve. I also believe competition is good for the town, unopposed seats are the opposite of good competition. We're talking about a small town not career politicians trying to keep a large salary.

Lasty, I don't need term limits... if I don't do my job I'll be voted out of office!

Next year the Budget Committee (consists of 7 members) will need 6 members due to vacancies, this is very alarming to me. Let's get and retain the people who want to serve Standish.

I urge the people of Standish to vote YES on Question 1 to repeal term limits for the Town Council, School Committee, and Budget Committee. Best G

The Future Of Standish


Our town is not only one of the best places to live and raise a family, but it is also one of the best values anywhere in Maine, we offer a lot for the money. We are  facing rapid growth and if we don't start looking to the future we will be left behind and playing catch up with our next generation. As the turnpike by-pass becomes more of a fast approaching reality we need to decide what comprehensive plan we are going to put in place to sustain the town into the next century.  If we don't consider alternative routes for commuters, expansion of commercial and industrial business, pedestrian sidewalks etc. (yes Greg Sirpis just said we need to think about sidewalks) we will fall behind our competitors (surrounding towns) and we will be left to figure how do we catch up? So the big question is how do we do all of this and still keep the "culture of Standish", we will need the public's imput to decide.  So I ask you to get involved with the decision making and let your Town Council know your thoughts, together we can make Standish even better for the future. Stay tuned G.


                         2018 Budget Season