Enough… No More

The recent theft and/or vandalism of the campaign signs in Standish is an ongoing problem that needs to be dealt with. I learned this morning that not only were my signs stolen/vandalized last night but the signs of all of the candidates for municipal offices were. I filed a report with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office this morning and they were already aware. Tonight I received a call from CCSO that they had recovered the majority of the stolen signs, and had pressed charges, kudos to our law enforcement. While we the candidates may disagree on certain issues, I believe that all of the candidates believe there needs to be a resolution to this ongoing issue. I want to see the responsible person(s) held accountable and legal action taken accordingly. I also saw a recent social media post regarding vandalism to the Steep Falls Farmers Market, I feel the same about these damages and hope that all candidates will stand united and condemn both of these actions. We all love our town and want what’s best for our community, just because we sometimes disagree, it doesn’t mean that we are not united. This will not stand.

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