Don Marean Endorsement


I have known Greg for many many years as a boy growing up and as a very responsible adult. My first acquaintance was with him when he came to my hardware store with his parents. I founded Standish Hardware in 1973 and ran it until 2003 at which time I sold it to my employees as it is currently today. Greg was an inquisitive kid and always asked lots of intelligent questions. We became friends and he confided in me on lots of issues and his interests and still does today. I have witnessed Greg as a counselor and he certainly has demonstrated his ability to lead and ask the tough questions when needed. Reelecting him to the Standish Council is clearly the best choice for Standish. He stands for all the right things and truly has Standish and its residents as his top priority as a councilman.
Your vote for Greg will serve you well !
Don Marean

May be an image of Donald Marean

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