Shawn Moody For Governor

I am happy to endorse my friend Shawn Moody as Maine’s next governor. I have known Shawn since the fifth grade, it was clear to me when I met Shawn that he was a straight shooter and a good person.

When he was 17 years old, I watched Shawn stand before the Gorham Town Council and fight to build a body shop that has grown into a very successful business with multiple locations throughout Southern Maine.

Shawn is not a career politician, he is a business man and a problem solver, he knows how to streamline processes and make them more efficient. Shawn is also known for being frugal, he is the guy you want watching the checkbook.

So please join me in supporting Shawn Moody as the next governor of the great state of Maine.

Best, G

Greg T. Sirpis

Vice Chairman

Standish Town Council



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