Rank Choice Voting Results

So last night we finally got the results of the Democratic primary for Maine. It took 8 days to determine the results from one side of the race. If Shawn Moody hadn’t won the Republican nomination handily how much longer would it have taken?  We completely changed our voting system (by outsiders & their money) to have the frontrunner who was predicted to win anyway take the top spot, so let me see if I have the facts straight:

  • Eight day wait to declare the winner
  • Ballots had to be transported from every municipality  in Maine to Augusta
  • State police didn’t have the personnel to transport the ballots
  • Ballots were transported by courier
  • At least two computer glitches to delay results

I also wonder why I haven’t seen a single media outlet investigate and/or report the cost of this initiative to the people of Maine?

I heard rumblings that people were confused by the question and weren’t sure if they were voting correctly, if that was the case I wish they would have asked for assistance from a clerk… with that being said let me ask a very simple question, why are some ballot questions worded to confuse voters? Here are six simple words to put on the ballot:

Do you favor Rank Choice Voting

If the question was that simple and still passed I would have no issue with accepting the will of the people. At the end of the day the person with the most votes should win, period! If your candidate didn’t win then maybe that candidate wasn’t the best choice for your party. We have watered down our voting system and have diminished the integrity of it by allowing RCV.

This is not the first time a ballot question has been confusing to the voters and yet we continue to allow it to happen.

I hope the people of Maine will take a long look at Rank Choice Voting, Best G


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Why I Oppose Rank Choice Voting

One man one vote, this is how our founding fathers intended for our vote to count. I am concerned about the integrity of our elections when rank choice voting is implemented.

At the end of the day the candidate with the most votes should win, period. It doesn’t matter if a candidate didn’t receive at least 50% of the vote, if they received one more vote than their opponent, they should win.

RCV was influenced by out of state money and influence, it’s time for Maine people to take our state and our way of living back from the special interests groups.

If the Democrats can’t put a better quality candidate forward, the Republicans shouldn’t have to pay for their shortcomings. Vote No on #1

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Shawn Moody For Governor

I am happy to endorse my friend Shawn Moody as Maine’s next governor. I have known Shawn since the fifth grade, it was clear to me when I met Shawn that he was a straight shooter and a good person.

When he was 17 years old, I watched Shawn stand before the Gorham Town Council and fight to build a body shop that has grown into a very successful business with multiple locations throughout Southern Maine.

Shawn is not a career politician, he is a business man and a problem solver, he knows how to streamline processes and make them more efficient. Shawn is also known for being frugal, he is the guy you want watching the checkbook.

So please join me in supporting Shawn Moody as the next governor of the great state of Maine.

Best, G

Greg T. Sirpis

Vice Chairman

Standish Town Council



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